I've always thought that it's completely bizarre that male and female nipples are treated completely differently in terms of social appropriateness. I can still find no logical explanation for the fact that the entirety of a woman's breast can be openly displayed on such mundane things as billboards and J.C. Penny ads...and yet, at the slightest glance of damn lady-nip, obscenity lawsuits are filed.

I could probably line up one hundred pictures of random up-close nipples, and it would be impossible to categorize each one on gender alone -- there is so much differentiation! However, as soon as one verified pictorial of legitimate female areolas, etc... is a little too blatantly displayed, you can be sure that all hell will break loose.

Oh, well. Thanks for the mammaries!

I just touched my dick to my nipple for the first time in my life.

I feel accomplished.


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