Did you know that I used to like you? Did you know that I wanted so badly to hang out? Did you know that I tried to impress you every time we were together?

Of course not... you were oblivious. But maybe that was one of your charms. You weren't over-confident like most guys. You weren't just looking for a good time.

So I settled for being friends. I have come to the realization that I like it better that way. But even now I want more. I want to hang out, I want to stay up until three in the morning talking. I want to know that you're always there for me, just like I'm there for you.

Then you handed me the play, the one you're working on. And all it has is a list of characters and some vague ideas. So I read it...

Does it mean something that you wrote that my character and your character fall in love?



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