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I only rant on social media because it's the only way I know how to vocalize what's going on in my mind. I rarely speak out loud because when I try to speak, my mind will go in different directions, coupled with dyslexia, this can turn into an embarrassing disaster. I'm really not as dramatic as I seem to be on the internet. I also live and work on the internet, and don't have many friends outside of that because I don't know how to make friends and anxiety kills my voice. It's easier on the internet. There's a filter. I'm comfortable here. If I could upload myself into the internet, I would. I have friends from all over the world. But I would like to be able to hug a friend every once and a while.

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Why is our entire relationship predicated on making each other feel like shit? Why did I keep letting you use me, is a better question.

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I miss this show. Re runs are great, but I wish they were in order.

I miss my friends. But they're not really my friends, they're her friends. That's the joke! They trust me. People I've met three times trust me more than people I hung out with for seven years. I don't really miss those friends, because they are assholes. I don't fit in with them. They are "Annapolis" people. I fucking HATE Annapolis. Though I guess a few of them are "Baltimore" people. And I do like Baltimore, kind of. I am a "District of Columbia" guy.

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Sometimes I really want to ask my friends what they HONESTLY think about me.... not what they think I want to hear, no self-esteem boosting shit. I want their honest opinions as my friends.

After all, my friends know me best and I value their opinions above all else. I, every so often, will have these conversations about what we genuinely think about one another and it's a good release to be like, "Well lately you've been a dick, quit your shit. Start being yourself and stop pretending to be a bad ass. That's not who you are."

I don't know... maybe I want people to tear me apart from a sort of obsession of have with being knocked down. I feel it tests my strengths. Also, it helps keep myself in check. I can improve on my weaknesses when people tear me asunder and send me floating in the sea of my own negative qualities.

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You're wonderful.

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Oh my gosh I know exactly what you mean. But I ask my friends the same question a little too often. I still feel like they give me what I want to hear though. I think it's more of me wanting to hear what I don't want to hear, in order for me to be happy. If that makes sense?

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On one of my increasingly infrequent visits home, my mum asked if I wanted to go visit any of my old friends from school. The question surprised me, because I hadn't even considered it. I've seen those girls all of twice since we finished school three years ago; once for a funeral of one of our own, and once for a school fundraiser. And I do remember them fondly, but... I don't consider them friends now, really. I associated with them at school because they were my peers, but now they're out of my life. My reaction apparently upset my mum, who finds it unsettling that I don't want to know the people I spent six or more years of my life with.

And now at the end of university I've been quite eager to shed most of my acquaintances at uni, few of whom even came from my classes in the first place. I got on with most of my coursemates but for the most part I wouldn't call them friends, because a lot of them were catty fuckers anyway. And some of the people, coursemate or not, I did befriend eventually turned out to be tiresomely immature anyway.

I've always tried to maintain links with friends I made online, but inevitably people fade out, and recently I stopped talking to a lot of them because I was sick of their collective attitude.

I was trying to examine the problem of why I don't seem to have many friends, having nobody to talk to about personal things when my boyfriend's away. I guess I've found it - I'm just pushing them all away. Maybe I'm just picky. Not sure if I'm content with that or not.

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Superbestfriend: I have gone 19 years of my life without having sex with you, and I could go another 19 if you wanted that. I will always be your friend first, and whatever may happen will come second.

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It's amazing how once you've given up on everyone, your friends come through when you need them.

Even when I'm being a complete douche, they pull some amazing gesture of kindness out their collective asses, and make me feel like more of a douche for treating them that way.

I'm grateful.

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Friends give you a piece of their hearts, they even lend you a second piece when you need it the most. Friends are there for you at 3 in the morning when you call them. Friends do everything in their power to make your life better, and understand when you have awkward requests.

More importantly, friends give you voodoo sets (complete with pins) and cards when you're at your lowest. Friends make you laugh when you haven't smiled in days, and they offer you a clean t-shirt on their shoulders for you to cry on when your sheets are soaked through.

Friends are amazing. One year at college has given me three or four friends. I'm not talking about acquaintances, not the girls that live on my hall that I have fun with, I mean real mother fucking FRIENDS.

I lucked out. Thank you ladies, you're saving my life, one minute at a time.

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anything for you baby! You know I love ya, and I'm always thinkin of ya! ha ha ha! Have fun stabbing that thing btw

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I'm so tired of people always talking crap about my friends! It is none of their business what goes on behind closed doors with my friends. If you don't genuinely care about them, then you have no right to talk about their business. I'm so tired of people spreading rumors!!! You have no idea what the truth is. I know that realistically you're going to just keep on talking, but i'm so tired of hearing the crap you come up with.

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Christ on a cracker, ditching all of your friends for a new love interest is stupid. I wish I hadn't done it. Now I'm forced to get through this on my own. Please, please do not ditch your friends, or allow them to grow distant, just because you're with someone. Sometimes that someone leaves, leaving you numb to anything but despair.

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I'm beginning to realize that I take my friends for granted. Maybe not them exactly, but the fact that they are there. It becomes the norm to just walk down the hall and find someone to talk to. Heck, in my own room I get to talk to one of my best friends. Sitting at home, bored, I realize how much I really appreciate that. I notice how lonely things are without them, how everything I do seems less fun because they aren't there to share in my laughter. I'm a very social person, but in a strange way. I don't like meeting new people, and I don't like being around big groups of people, but I crave the company of a few people who I would consider to be close friends. They're the reason I love being at school. They're the reason I love living in the dorm, when everything else about me would shy away from it. I miss them right now. But I guess I'll get to see them soon enough. And when the school year is over, my summer will seem dull, but then I will be around new people and start the process of finding those close friends all over agin. That makes me both utterly sad and extremely happy................
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I love my friends, but sometimes they piss me off so fucking much. They just do dumb shit, and it makes me so mad. Today, I feel like my more mature side is taking over so when my friends do dumb, teenage, bullshit it gets on my nerves. I think it's just better that I stay away from people right now. I'm really irritable, and the tiniest things are getting on my nerves. Ahhh, I think I need a hug.

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My friends have helped me get through so much in my life. I can't thank them enough. There are times when I want to leave this place, but then I think about all the amazing people I have met here and I know that there is no way I could leave them. I love my friends so much.

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Just when I feel myself starting to slip, starting to sink deep into my normal spontaneous bouts of depression, my friends are there to assure me that I am worth something to them.

My friends keep me happy.

My friends keep me sane.

My friends keep me alive?

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i have met some of the most amazing people in the last couple of months! they have inspired me to be better, improve myself to be the best i can be, and just thanks!!! i cant wait to see what happens down the road!

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