Bush made patriotic a scary word.

Anyone else see that Star Wars thing on... I think it was Discovery, that compared the different plots to different recurring themes that have been in stories as long as stories have been?

Anyway, in it the show Anakin is telling Padme they can rule the everything, yappity yap, and she says he's changed, and he says "If you are not with me, than you are against me."

Then they cut to W. saying "Either you are with us, or you or with the terrorists!"


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I've heard it mentioned that Bush parallels were -- perhaps deliberately -- made in the screenplay of the last Star Wars movie.


There are only so many ways that humans interact. Of course we see coincidences.

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Doesn't make them any less interesting.

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I don't feel the need to be patriotic. Why support something I don't believe in. Don't get me wrong I suppot the troops. I just don't support why they are there.

Samuel Johnson said that. Oscar Wilde said this-

"Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious."

bush made patriotic a dirty word.


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