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I get a little hung up (HAHA PUN) about dick size. I don't like to brag about having a large penis, because I feel like that's insulting to other guys with small penises. Like, if I feel proud and awesome about having one that exceeds the average by a few inches, does that mean that if I were instead born with an average or a small penis, I should be ashamed of it? If my penis were small, I think I'd feel kind of constantly furious at the whole world trying to make me feel bad about it. I really don't like the idea that dudes are made to feel ashamed about not having monster cocks, and I feel like if I ever brag about (or even mention) my dick size that I'm contributing to a culture that hurts men and makes them feel inadequate.

I've had a couple girls who were flirting with me ask me about my dick size, and I always get conflicted. I think I've always fallen back on "I'd rather that be private unless if I'm in a relationship with someone." And if they think that I don't want to admit to having a small penis, and if they don't want to bang me because they think that might be the case, then I'm totally cool with not being involved with such a shallow person.

I was once flirting with another female friend who was considering having sex with me when she said, "Oh, uh... you don't have a big dick do you?" with kind of an unpleasant, pained look on her face. I gave her kind of a guilty shrug and she told me "I really don't like big dicks. It's just not comfortable for me." We didn't end up having sex, and I think it had more to do with a "I just want to be friends" thing than strictly a dick thing.

I think we should stop being judgmental (even in a positive way) about dick size. I appreciate all of the compliments that I've gotten about my own, but they still make me feel uncomfortable. I mean, I didn't earn it. Dicks don't grow a little longer for every good deed in your life. A big ol' dangler is cool to have, but sizes are assigned to us dick-havers completely randomly, and I don't think our self-esteem should be dictated by something that's left up to chance.

Ha. "Dictated."

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All honesty as a female myself. I dont see the point on why dick size matters. And i do belive that there is way too much pressure on it. Like why does it matter? And in all honesty i dont think that it should at all. Personally i never thought it was that big of a deal but aparently it is. When i broke up with my ex. The first thing everyone kept asking me was the size of his dick. And in all honesty it just put me in an uncomfortable position because i never paid attention to it anyway. Like what am i supposed to do pull out a ruler and messure the thing when we were about to fuck? Thats usually not how it goes. Or at least not for me. In the end i dont think it should matter. Point blank. Also i dont get why people ask about the size to anyone anyway. You could have the best size dick in the world but if you dont know how to use it right and actually please the chick then it doesnt really matter. Not to mention its way too personal. Whatever happened to letting things happen naturally? Why does everyone try to push or rush things?

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Thanks for the support! Sorry to hear that people got weird and interrogated you about your ex's penis. I always kind of suspected that girls gossiped about the dicks of the men they've dated, but that still sounds like an uncomfortable position to have been put in.

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Yeah it was. But it happened. It was just really uncomfortable because they kept asking and trying to compare it to stuff. Its like i never actually payed attention. Personally i think that if ur gonna fuck someone you should fuck them for who they are as a person not because you purely find them atractive you have to like them/know them just a little bit at least if you are like me anyway.

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