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My first Muncie Scene show was in the basement of the Turbo house in Jan '04. It reminded me how much I loathe being short, how in love I was with the person with me, and how incredible live music can be. I've got E,N! on the brain now, after finding my old post under miss and commenting on it. I remember, the basement was packed, and I'm... short. So I never saw them. I bought Sunshine of Doom and listened the fuck out of it, and came up with mental images of the band that were just as wrong as possible. I think we saw them again about a month later, at the MT Cup.

Come to think of it, the last time I saw them was at the Turbo house too. Fall of '05 I think. Then I moved back to Indy, for good.

I knocked people the hell out of the way that time. I was up front. It was insanely good.

Another one of my favorite lines: You are the cigarette I wish I could smoke.

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You're the comedian, I am the joke.

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I quite liked 'I'm an American, you're European', heh.

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you know, I'm listening to my E.N! collection again(and again and again and again) and I wondered - I've figured out most of the lyrics despite the unfamiliar accents and idioms by listening to them so much, but there are still some lines I'm not sure of.

Are the lyrics available online somewhere?

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You are the boat, and there is no shore I'd jump overboard but I just can't be sure...

I miss Muncie. I need to just pick a weekend, blatently ask someone if I can crash with 'em, and go see everydamn show I can.

I don't know of any lyrics anywhere. Maybe someone with programming skills can make a little freehost page, and we can talk about what we hear. I believe that would be fucking awesome.

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One of the reasons I liked them immediately, I think, is the lyrics sounded like anyone I know was singing them. Out of the streets, and into the bars.... This callled life thing is getting pretty hard I love Fishbowl Prank because I can dance like a fool too it when no one's around but my dog.

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