On March 24, 2008 4 puppies were born. My grandfather is a hunter and breeds his female dogs with the male dogs of neighbors. And in return they get a puppy or two. They are all beagles and absolutely gorgeous. If anyone wants to see when they were a day old message me or comment and I'll send you a link for the picture.

Anyways. I remember last year when this one female had her first batch of puppies. She had eight puppies. She killed two of them and mangled another one. It was the worst thing I've heard. The prettiest dog was an all black one and I mean completely black - very rare in beagles. He was beautiful. He was the one she beheaded first. The second one was the smallest male. Then she mangled another male. She almost bit his ear clean off. he had to separate her from her babies.


All I can imagine is my grandfather going down to check on them and finding a beheaded puppy in her pen.


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