I really am the worst. I know continuing down this path will lead to one of us getting a broken heart, maybe two, and hell, maybe all three of us will end up on the gravel floor of pain and rage. But I'd already learned how to play "Soil, Soil" for something else. Such a simple song, nice easy rhythm, I can already play and sing simultaneously and I started working on it maybe a week ago. That usually doesn't happen that fast for songs I don't write, because I am really very sloppy. But if you're high, my playing is awesome. Which I guess brings us back to the topic at hand, almost? I'm the worst! It's just my subconscious trying to force me to connect with someone romantically; it's my own personal kilesa. I mean I can't be learning Tegan and Sara to impress bisexual chicks! I need time by myself. No chasing ass. Especially not girl-ass. Especially when said girl has a boyfriend who basically rules. And is kind of a more intense version of me.


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