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I just Facebook stalked my ex, but not to see them. They've started to resemble their father to a downright creepy extent, and I never felt entirely at ease when looking at their father. He looks like a used car salesman.

Nope, I did it to see my dog. Well, obviously not my dog anymore. But the only dog I've ever considered my pet, instead of a family pet. That dog was my constant companion for years of misery and sickness and fear and anxiety and withdrawal, and I still miss him even though I haven't seen him since 2009.

The most recent picture had the ex, my dog, and the ex's new fat baby. At one point, I would have thought "ALL OF THOSE THINGS SHOULD BE MINE (also if the baby was mine it would be a lot cuter)." Now I'm just like "Wow, fat baby, creepy dad-face, awwwwwwww puppy."

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It's fucked up how the court gives you visitation rights for children you had with an ex but never for pets you bought with them. That cute little rat was dead by the time we started talking again :(.

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Well, I wouldn't have been able to afford it initially, nor did I have a place to keep the pup for the first 8 months or so. And I wouldn't have wanted to remove him later, would have stressed him out. He's a border collie, very intelligent, but there's a downside to that in he's not always a goofy derpy happy go lucky dog.

It would be nice if the ex would let me see the dog, is all.

I'm sorry you have any cause to know the pain I'm talking about -hug-

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