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So I just got a picture sent to my phone from a friends boyfriend, and it was pornographic. Now mind you it is not of him, my friend, or anyone I recognized. Or at least it didn't appear to be in the second it took my "Ahhhh Porn!" sensors to go off and for me to delete the picture.

It leaves Three distinct possibilities.

  1. His sick friends decided to play a practical joke on him and send porn to everyone on his contact list.

  2. Maybe there is such a thing as a cell phone virus.

Please do not let it be option number two. Wouldn't it be horrifying if there was a cell phone virus that operated like AIM viruses.

  1. It could be a matter of coincidence that it said his name as the header for the picture. It's a common name, and if I read it quickly it could have actually been one letter different and been a woman's name. I was so shocked by what I saw on the pic I instantly deleted it, so maybe it wasn't actually sent to me from him. I got a phone call the minute after I got the picture and it was a woman's voice apologizing for having the wrong number. Maybe she was sending her man, who had the same name some porn.

In which case I feel really bad that she sent her porn to the wrong person.

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Cell phone viruses have existed since 2004.

Just so you know.

See http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/cell-phone-virus.htm/printable

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