I scrawled on an old, white t-shirt the phrase "What's stopping you?" and wore it for a few days. I expected it to be largely ignored, but got great reactions from a surprising number of people. I was pleased to hear the shirt described as "provocative" and determined that I would make it a regular thing, with other phrases like "Unlearn need", "Your worth is measured by your compassion", and "Desire is the cause of all suffering". I didn't make any more t-shirts, but I did go on a sticker-posting spree with such phrases after I dumpster-dove a roll of three-inch square blank grocery store adhesive price tags.

I stood at the Subway counter, waiting for the toaster to finish my sandwich, when he approached me.

"I love t-shirts. I get all my best spiritual advice from t-shirts."

I stared at him for a moment. Surely I'd invited this admission somehow- surely this followed something. Nothing was forthcoming, so I asked him what his favorite t-shirt was.

"I dunno, I just like 'em. I especially like the religious ones."

God help us all.


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