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I've been pleased with how things have been going lately. I've been reestablishing contact with old friends (something I always love doing, and hope to continue), making new friends, staying in the limelight, and frequenting the kinds of parties that I enjoy. I've been training my body to do things it couldn't before, and as a result I look and feel great. Best of all, I have more opportunities to perform and show off what I can do lately, and that makes me happy. Yeah, it might be a bit narcissistic, but I love my body and what I can do with it. And it just feels awesome to get regular exercise. I'm working on way too many projects, as usual, but I'm making great headway in making them all manageable. I've had a sub acting as my secretary for about a month, which has helped me out a lot. Old injuries are showing signs of healing up, and new injuries are proving easy to deal with. I'm traveling more often, and seeing wonderful things all around me. Despite my (relatively) new full-time job, I've managed to avoid falling into a boring rut. My bosses are even hounding me to use up the vacation time that I'm collecting, so I'm thinking about visiting friends in California, New Mexico, Illinois, and Michigan, and cousins in Wisconsin and Massachusetts. I'd like to spend some time in Europe this summer and catch up with a few friends in the UK, and I may have the money to pull that off thanks to this big "first time home-buyer" tax rebate that I'm going to get. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a has-been around here. I used to be a lot more relevant on the campus / city / state / regional scale when I was doing more high-profile stuff, but I just haven't been making headlines lately. I feel insecure about not being valuable or interesting, then head into a meeting full of likeminded community organizers and fucking dominate and start feeling a lot more sure of myself. I've managed to hang onto the feeling that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to, despite not having accomplished much to speak of lately. Not much that's been up to my standards of impressive, anyhow. I've shaken off the feeling that I'm losing my edge and gotten back into my usual "You can trust me to manage everything. You can expect me to blow your mind. You can ask me to make everything better and I will." modus operandi. And I've been having those wonderful dreams again. You're in some of them.

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Glad things are looking up for you, Mr. Black!

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Hooray, things that are positive. Seriously, glad things are looking up. As an individual, you're someone I wish very well, and if you're someone who puts serious effort into the community, then you definitely deserve some happiness. I really hope I'm in your wonderful dreams, doing random things in the background, like painting a cat, or standing right behind the main players, mugging for the camera and holding up signs with phrases designed to wake people up, shake them out of their comfy box.

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Actually, in my dreams, you're just kind of poking me with this blank look on your face. It's unnerving. I feel like you're a kid with a stick and I'm roadkill.

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Is it better if I do this? -pokes you repeatedly with a stick with a look of sheer joy on my face-

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