• wendy's chicken nuggets + chocolate frosty.

^ to most it may sound disgusting, but the mixture of hot and cold, salty and sweet is absolutely delicious to me.

  • vanilla ice cream + nutella

^ thought this one up today, best idea i've had in awhile.

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Try: vanilla ice cream + Nutella + hot waffle

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I like fries with the frosty better.

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mmmm i bet the hot waffle thing is good. that'd probably hit my stomach pretty hard though.

french fries and frosty are good too, but the frosty always melts and slides off my fries. not as easy to eat! hahaha

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  1. gravity bong + weeds + In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
  2. pork fried rice + shrimp fried rice + General Tso's sauce
  3. cold + blankets + cuddles

More as they come to me. Feel free to add your own wonderful combinations.


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