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I had a great idea while settling down to sleep last night about a thought to post here. It was a brief observation with a question at the end to invite other thinkers to give their own reactions to it, but I cannot now remember for the life of me what it was. Damnit.

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I hate that. I sympathize with you buddy.

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haha i hate when you forget things like that, but i have to say, i am glad that i'm not the only one that'll randomly think, "i need to post that to the ether!"

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Sometimes, when I'm doing something repetitive and dull, I come up with poems in my head. And if I like them, I'll repeat them over and over trying not to forget them before I can get a piece of paper and a pen. Usually those poems are lost in the mental void too.

It's sort of sad when it happens.

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I completely agree it is sad when you loose a great idea, and yes I too randomly think to myself "I should post this to Ether."

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On the contrary, it's wonderful when you loose a great idea (as great ideas should not be kept imprisoned in one's own mind), but terrible when you lose a great idea (for it then may never be shared with the world).

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It was just an idea. It was just a thought i had. But it could ruin everything we had together. This one little thought could make or break our relationship as friends. I didn't know how you really felt for me. I didn't know if you thought of me as just a friend that you were willing to spend time with when there was an escape plan or if I was a true friend to you. So, I took a risk. I followed the idea and I invited you out to stay with me for a few days. I don't really know why, but you agreed to the idea. It was so long ago now that I don't remember the conversation even.

You agreed to the idea. Now it was an action, a plan. You were going to be at MY house in just a few days. My parents told me to clean my room and make sure the entire house was clean before he came. That was part one. Part two was I had to stay with my sister for so long as he was staying. Hah....

You got here and it was awkward. I hadn't seen you in over a month. I noticed a strange gap between us. So, at first, we were talking from opposite sides of the couch, sort of casually discussing our jobs and things we were planning. Then, as the night wore on into the deep of the night we had stretched out more and our legs were positioned beside each other, barely touching. I can't imagine why were strangely apart. We'd always been close. After a hug good night I went downstairs and went to bed. The next day, however, I woke up early and cleaned house as promised and I was doing my normal thing, dancing and listening to my ipod. Then I realized what I was doing and stopped. Not two seconds later, he walked down, silly pajama pants and all. I just started laughing. He shot me a look and I smiled. "Nothing," I told him. As I smiled again, I said the words, "Good morning, starshine. What would you like for breakfast?"

He smiled and shrugged as he began walking around my house. I felt uncomfortable as he looked at the pictures, as he saw the strange progression of my life, my family members, my pets. We had a lovely day together, walking around, talking, watching movies. That night we slept in the same room. The next night we went camping and slept next to one another. The last night was strange. Full of making out and pretending to have pillow fights to explain why we were out of breath and red in the face.

it made our friendship solid. Now, no matter what, we have some sort of obvious link. Some crazy connection. But that idea to have you over, to test our relationship, that was the best idea I've ever had. Since then, we've been "just friends" to the rest of the world, but way more than that when no one's watching. When we have mere seconds to pretend to be asleep and far apart. This idea brought me to see that i could love some one in this way. I love you.

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I try to keep up with developments in a wide array of scientific fields in my free reading time, and one of them is astronomy. I recently read about an exoplanet that was discovered that was tidally locked with its sun. I suppose this concept isn't all that mindblowing to anyone familiar with the field, but for me, I immediately thought it was cool and great inspiration for a sci-fi novel.

The deal with a tidally locked planet is that one side is always facing the sun, causing extremely hot temperatures on that side and extremely cold temperatures on the other. In between is a narrow ring where life could be sustained.

I don't think that I have the time to start writing fiction again, but I'd like to see this novel written. It would take place on such a planet, with an advanced civilization living on the narrow ring (let's call it a mile wide). Think of the plot devices that could come out of a neighboring faction barricading their section of the ring, or using their ownership of a pivotal section of the ring to control the populace. With everyone only being able to live and travel on a single narrow strip of land, issues of free movement, trespassing, and access to resources can be nefariously manipulated by the story's antagonists. It could either go in the Mad Max / Waterworld post-apocalyptic warrior direction or the Equilibrium / Gattaca technologically evolved fascist government direction.

Furthermore, both ethnic and cultural divisions could be explored in the people that live on the edge of the hot side or the cold side of the inhabited ring, possibly because of genetic variations that give them the ability to survive in extreme temperatures or because their culture has given them tools and reasons to adapt to one extreme or the other. What kind of social dynamics would exist between the two sets of 'outsiders'? Would 'insiders' struggling against each other have to turn to the 'outsiders' to help them travel freely to different parts of the ring?

I'm convinced that this is the most badass sci-fi premise that I've never heard of before. But with my luck, there's probably a whole book series that's exactly like what I'm describing.

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Run away with me. I'm lusting after your big sexy brain, mystery black box.

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I remember reading what was either a short story or a brief segue as part of a larger story that dealt with a very extreme version of this idea. The livable area on the planet was no more than a foot wide, so the indigenous people wore a bizarre half-suit of armour on the frigid sub-zero side and no clothing on the hot side. These being the left and right sides of their bodies, that is. Very odd story. I believe it was something by Piers Anthony.

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Strange. Those people would only be able to walk in one direction, wouldn't they?

That reminds me of a species that I read about in another sci-fi story when I was a little kid. Some sort of quadruped had two short left legs and two long right legs (or vice-versa) so it could comfortably walk on the very steep side of a mountain where it lives, but only in one direction. It was explained that if it saw a predator ahead, it would turn itself inside-out to run away.

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