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My mom always makes waffles on Sunday mornings. Waffles are my favorite breakfast food. Sunday is forever deemed "Waffle Day."

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(*slightly whiny teenybopper voice)

"So, like, this one time I was high as shit and all I could do for, like, 15 minutes was smile really big and say the word "waffle" over and over again. I KNOW, right?"

WAH-FULLLL. Wah-fahhhhl. Wahfahl. :)

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A friend of mine thinks that waffles are unnatural. I don't understand this.

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I want to marry the person who bought the rofl-waffle off ebay.

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Sometimes everything seems so waffled up. For half a second, you think you've figured yourself out...then....BAM not so much. Suddenly you have to figure out why you suddenly feel so different. A boy or girl comes up to you and starts telling you their life story, keep in mind you've never seen them befor in your life. Then, you've started to care for this beautiful stranger that you'll never see again. They offer to go out to coffee with you that night, but you politely decline as you have to meet up with a friend of yours. But, still, you have this feeling like batter. Suddenly you're liquid again, about to be sent into the hot iron for shaping only to discover that you're shaping is still incorrect. Now you must start again. This beautiful stranger is not a physically beautiful person, but they are filled with such sorrow and pain, and still there is hope. Hope....even after everything that they've been through.....hope. It is that hope, you see, that waffles you. You see them and think, "Now...why do I care so much about all of these things, and how can he/she simply move on from them."

I have been feeling utterly waffled lately. Every mold I begin to fill has been sent back to the liquid batter state. I just want to move on from this, maybe be a pancake. But, until then, I'm stuck in the confused topography of a waffle. The disgusting syrup attempting to fill the other wise empty spaces. At this very moment new revelations are coming to mind to taunt and enlighten but also confuse me. Confusion may be the last step towards enlightenment to some, but I seem to be caught in this endlessly waffled state of being. All the same, I suppose it's time to consider my options. To waffle or to not waffle that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the pourings of a thousand types of syrup or take up arms against a sea of butter.

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