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i find myself pent up and frustrated. i want to burst from my house like a cannonball and do something active until i cant move. i want to scream and kick and cry. i want to empty myself of all of the rage i keep inside. i want to feel alive again. to remember how to make myself feel free without your help. i want to fight and to run and to fuck. i want to burn my bed and all its memories. i want to be someone i never will allow myself to be.

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The utter breakdown of society, the attractive idea in itself causes most people to regretably forget that not everyone lives through such a change. The people who are unhappy with the current system just might get their chance to change things. it may be the fact that they want this collapse because they themselve cannot adapt to the way things are understood. some of us would be able to co-exist in a world of anarchy and living off what you can or doing what you need to get by. alone or with a small party of people you call 'family'. maybe you just want that freedom to separate yourself from the worries of the world and just live. because none of it matters?! or does it? is there something wrong with wanting to live that kind of life? on the road, on the edge, on the move, FREE! has that thought ever crossed your mind, where will you be in the next 5 years?10?20? what will the world be like?! do you think you can picture it with the way current events are going, or with the possible situations that seem to be unraveling or coming together?

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