I'm cruel. Not that shitty hollywood movie cruel I mean "I will take all that you hold dear and twist it till it stabs you through the heart." cruel. The funniest thing is that people expect it now so I don't have to do anything that bad to get the same reaction.

You make mental cruelty an art form. Using words as whips, but your whips are wrapped in velvet, brocade, satin, silk, scented with vanilla and lavender, flowers there are no names for. You tricked me into despising myself, and thinking I was doing it out of free will. Mind of millipedes, a thousand thousand appendages all designed to manipulate me. You offered false comfort in cheap oversized doll arms, looking lifelike but ice cold in reality and then, when I was close, you refused to let go.

I'm glad I'm done with you.


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