Me: "Alright, I just found an entrance and scouted out the house. It still has power, and we can hook it up with hot water and gas for the stove as soon as we get the lock off of the gas valve outside. But it's a big lock, so I'm not sure if my bolt cutters would do the job. We'll need to get a hacksaw or use M-'s blowtorch." J-: "Christ, that's the best idea I've ever heard! Use a fucking blowtorch to get the lock off of a gas line! What could go wrong?" D-: "Damn it, [Black Box], it's only a matter of time until one of your adventures kills us all!" Me: "Heh... Yeah."

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Is it bad that I didn't find anything wrong with the idea when i first read this?

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I didn't either, until it was pointed out. Working on houses is my main job, and I was thinking... blowtorch! Then I read on.

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