Today, the cute girl at work ran up and pressed against the glass to scare me, just on the other side.

There was a solid sheet of glass between us, but even so it was the most intimately close I have been and probably ever will be to her. Our faces only an inch or two further away than the thickness of the glass.

It's such a perfect metaphor for my love lives that I even wrote it into one of my movies once earlier... ...through a window I can watch a girl and fall under her spell, and she can even notice this, notice I exist...

  • but that's all, because there's that wall of glass in the way.

There's always something in the way.

When we were window-shopping for art and you thought we were both looking through the glass at the painting that you were pointing to, I was really just looking at my reflection and reflecting on how I looked broken-out, travel-weary, and probably unappealing to you.


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