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I should tell her she's pretty. I guess lots of dudes would be all "no she's not" but I say "hey fuck you" to the lot of them. I don't need people to second-guess for me, I do it and I've done it, and I've come to the conclusion that she's pretty. So to you, if you're reading this: you're pretty.

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That's so cute.

That's the kind of statement I wish could be directed toward me sometimes.

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Haha thanks.

Sorry, I wasn't trying to be a compliment fisher.

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I met a girl yesterday; one that doesn't live across the country. No, this one lives in the same state as me, the same county even. My friend jokingly told me she was proud of me because of this. It's funny, I've been singing with this girl the entire school year, never talked to her till yesterday though. But I definitely felt a few sparks. Xi Yรด Ji will still happen. This new girl might be something special, but she can't make me giggle like a fucking schoolgirl just by thinking about her like the other one can. She would be more convenient to start a relationship with, but I don't quite consider convenience a valid reason; not after that one girl I almost dated.

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