I've been wondering if weakness if a habit.

Recently I saw a meme that about not being that person that is "still." Still in the place fighting the same battles.

And I think about my co-worker who was training with me for our current position at work. It is a much harder position than the one we came from. One day I told him that I felt stressed about the material and the way different pieces intertwine and affect one another, and how afraid I was I couldn't keep it all straight. He is retired military and he looked at me, hands in his pockets and said, "I just tell myself we're not diffusing bombs. If I mess something up, no one died."

I've realized that I can apply that to so many things in my life that feel overwhelming. In two ways. First, just give it a shot, even if you might mess up. Second, in reality, so very little of importance is asked of me.


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