I have decided I am reasonably mature-ish. Or at least emotionally so. Maybe. I'm working on it.

I've decided it because I am no longer as smitten with director boy. Yes, he's cute, but it seems I can no longer be satisfied by admiring from afar. I mean it's one thing to think someone is attractive, but it's another to really like someone. I decided that I'd prefer to crush on someone that actually notices my existance now and again.

Of course... the person I'm crushing on now has a girlfriend... but it's not like I actually expect anything to happen. I just appreciate that he's a nice guy, and he actually talks to me now and again. Like daydreaming about him is daydreaming about interesting conversations rather than... well, stealing kisses in dark corners and other embarassing things I'd rather not admit, even to the anonymity of cyberspace.

And then there's fencer boy. Who confuses the hell out of me....

Ugh. Maybe I'm not so grown up after all.

It's a work in progress.


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