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"Haha you are smitten! That's so sweet :)" "Stop it, you're making me smile hugely in the middle of class and I look dumb. Nothing in this class would warrant me smiling like this!"

And yet I didn't stop smiling. I still can't stop smiling. I just hope I don't get burned again.

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This is clearly just a crush. I'm not in love with her. I'm in like with her.

She's just so unbearably cute. Each time I compliment her, without fail, she giggles and hides her face.

She's mentally still in high school, not just the way she acts with me, but with her friends as well.

This clearly won't last. But I'm happy being there to watch every adorable smile, and I'll be there for her to leave when she gets bored.

Because I'm absolutely smitten with her.

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For one thing... I love this word...

But really, I am absolutely smitten. It is ridiculous! I don't even really know the guy, but there's just something about him I like. Every time he looks my way I can feel myself blushing. I try to be myself, but I never feel like myself at home to begin with (in fact I find myself repressing many a "that's what she said" jokes or otherwise uncouth behaviours).

But Hot DAMN. He is cute. And funny. And friendly. And he just so happens to be the director of "Fiddler on the Roof." Of course, I'm only working backstage, so I don't get to actually see him much, but I still get giddy when I do.

In fact, half the cast isn't that bad to look at either, though I find that odd, as most of them are older men... like father type peoples... but salt and pepper hair is strangely distinguished. shakes head silly me.

And then I find out someone I had a crush on for a while is going to help out backstage too! And he's still as funny as ever.

I seriously feel my heartbeat speed up every time I even set foot in the theatre now.

I'm so smitten.

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Oh, I looooooves the hell out of Fiddler! For one it was my first musical ever, plus I am a Russian Jew so there's that aspect too. Good luck with the dudes though!

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