I want to kick something, or preferably some_one_. Every time I manage to put aside the irritation and stress that this is causing me and actually be happy for a while, they do something to remind me what shitheads they are and suddenly everything is crap again. I hate that they get to me so much, I hate that I care about whatever they're doing, I wish they'd just fuck off and I wish all my friends didn't feel like they have to play nice with these idiots just to keep the drama down. Fuck that. Acting like a fuckup shouldn't be excused just because you're a higher-up in this ridiculous parody of a political system. People shouldn't have to be all buddy-buddy with you just because if they don't you and your sockpuppets will whine at them about it. Everyone can see what pathetic individuals they are, why is nobody but me getting angry about it? Ugh. Only word to describe how I feel right now. Fucking ugh.

All my oxfords are just Wrinklytown, USA. I may have to wear a polo. I hate polos.


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