I have known since I came here, more than a year ago now, that I did not intend to stay. I wanted this to be a stepping-stone to greater things, the first part of the grand journey. the destination is far away, a distance so great it might concievably only be traversed once or twice a year at the utmost.

when I came here, restless and eager for change, I relished the thought. to be so far from my family and the friends I had then was not an easy thought, but I deemed it worthwhile.

now... things have changed. though there are many things about this place I am dissatisfied with, I am comfortable here. I have my niche, I have the greatest of friends, I have a knowing and a familiarity. even the job, humble at first, has a sheen of potential now, the potential for change and growth and ambition.

I feel like I belong here. moving on will be... difficult.


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