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We had sex twice last night. To be honest, I was very delightfully surprised. After all, I didn't think he had it in him. There was maybe a fifteen minute break between before we were at it again. Granted we hadn't seen each other for a few weeks, and being as I've become a strangely loyal partner and he is very loyal, we had gone that duration without any sex whatsoever.

What I find to be incredible is how different the two experiences were. Granted the ... onset of each was incredibly different. The first was expected and the experience was fairly normal for us. In other words, it was amazing and fulfilling. The second time I was just planning on teasing him and maybe taking care of things in another fashion seeing as he gets exertion headaches and I didn't think he could go all out again. But apparently he could.

The second time was more casual and fun. There was talking, joking, laughing, smirking. It was more fun in some ways. It seems more often than not when we're having sex, he's smiling and being adorable or making the most hilarious facial expressions. I love it. But this time, it wasn't enclosed with a lover's silence, we were both vocal, talkative, relaxes I guess. It maybe because we'd already had sex that made this go about more casual than the first, which seemed full of formalities with taking clothing off and foreplay. Whatever it was, it was amazing. Right before, he gave me that look of "******, why are you doing this to me when you know I'm going to fuck your brains out?" I just smiled.

There's something about our relationship that has an ere of playfulness at all but the most serious moments and this is just a new expanse of this. With as rarely as we shall be seeing one another for the next two and a half months, who knows? Maybe this multiple times in one sitting will turn out to be more and more fun every time. I'm certainly not going to complain...

I'm just saddened at the fact that I'll not be seeing him again for the next four weeks.... Oh well, I suppose these things happen. But it just means when I do see him, I'll be so excited. I didn't know what to do with myself when he got here on Friday.... I was so excited, I didn't know whether I should walk calmly or run...It wound up being an awkward combination of the two...

I miss him already...but I had him twice last night and for almost two days....

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