I totally just had a dream about you. It was like 3:30 and we were just hanging out. And you had these little mice or whatever, and one of them was just like bright purple. And also, I was really, really high. I remember remembering driving there, but I don't remember driving there. Also, I think we were in my friend's room. I usually don't have dreams about people I've never met. Recently it's been happening fairly often though.


Mice are awesome. An old roommate had a bunch as pets and I got quite attached to a couple of them. He got angry when I colored one of them red, though. (non-toxic, temporary ink!)

That does make it a bit spooky, though. The purple mouse in your dream and the red mouse that I lived with years ago. (cue theremin and lightning sounds)

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I know, especially considering purple and red usually appear together in my dreams! (DUN DUN DUN!)

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