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This is the best my life has ever been.

I've got the girl of my dreams and my dream job.

The problem is, I'm pretty sure both of those things are only temporary and will only last a couple months longer.

Oh well. At least that's something.

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This one is the most depressing one yet.

She's gorgeous, sweet, cute, extremely fun, deep-thinking, intellectual, geeky, sexy, artistic, understanding, and loves me to bits. She's into my most insane of hobbies and the weirdest, darkest parts of my sense of humor.

But after the summer she'll move back down south, return to her boyfriend, and I probably won't get to see her again.

Is it worth tasting heaven if you know you can't keep it? This is but a temporary happiness, soured by evanescence and guilt.

People usually only say that old chestnut "it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all" after you've already lost someone. It's moot then-- just a consolation prize.

But right now I actually have that choice to make and both sides of the equation are depressing in their own foul ways.

(And speaking of temporary things and evanescence... did anyone else find it really hilariously ironic that a band chose to name themselves "Evanescence"? That's like naming your band "One Hit Wonder" or something...)

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well. the new "band", the version without Amy Lee is named "The Fallen" oddly enough, the title of Evanescence's first cd.

they suck. and sound like ev.

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