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That snore so loud that I have to sleep with two pillows over my head.

The fact that you are a chronic liar.

The fact that you make up anything in order to one up me.

The way you pretend to have had a boyfriend.

The way you pretend to be my friend, but then hurt me in the most obvious ways, knowningly.

The stench.

How you force my boyfriend and I to sleep in the far in 10- weather, since you are afraid of a 125 lbs guy. (way shorter and smaller then you)

The way you stay up at night just to keep watch on me.

The way you listen in on my conversations then to top it off mention them later.

The way you pretend to care.

The way you talk.

The way you listen to me crying. When you are suppose to be sleeping.

The way you are.

The way you saw me at a weak point. And pretended to comfort me.

The only thing you are good for is for going home on the weekends.

I despise my roommate.

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I know how you feel. I could take more than half of that and apply it to my roommate. They suck.

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Just be really direct and confident with her. Stand your ground and rationally and respectfully demand that she behave herself. On that same note, you can consider her a test of your patience and how well you can handle untoward people.

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Luckily I am a ver patient person and not only that I don't really confront and am able to deal with it.

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