I hate this term. I understand not wanting to say 'rape', but damnit, surprise sex is getting laid when not expecting it, but wanting it and enjoying it. Not getting freaking raped.

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I've never heard it used as another term for rape. The first time I ever heard it used a male friend of mine was describing a co-ed sleep over with a girl he just met. Seriously though who ever uses it as another term for rape is an ass.

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As far as I'm aware, it became a euphemism for rape through a article back in the day. SA does a good job spawning subtle little catchphrases by accident with their frontpage article wordplay.

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That is not at all a surprise, black box. How boring the internet would be without Something Awful.

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This sheds a whole new light on the story I was told. I may have to do some investigating now......

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