I gave up Sir Deja Doog about a year ago along with making music in general. This is the first time I've articulated the reason. Sir Deja Doog was an expression of pure ignorance and with lack of insight into the divine nature of knowledge. It was demonic in the truest sense. My initiations into divine reality have defined my sense of identity since they first began to occur in 2004. The light went out for me in the summer of 2009. In darkness I held on to my spiritual identity. It was spiritual materialism, in a sense, with a dark twist. This occurred due to despair and foolishness. I simply didn't know what else to do. I am utterly ashamed and genuinely terrified when I consider the ways in which I have profaned the sacred. Given what I know now with great clarity, I believe the only reasonable thing, the only sane thing, is to put one's spiritual work above all else. Everything must follow that. The journey truly never ends, and as the Bhavagad Gita promises, you will become what you worship.


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