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My high school shoves facts and figures at every last one of it's students.

But no knowledge. Nothing practical to bring to the world. Certainly no understanding of how to deal with real world crises.

I blame that school for a discussion I had with my best friend recently, where she told me that while she was really drunk, she made out with a guy, which eventually led to sex.

A few minutes of sex, to the sound of her saying, "no, no, no, I don't want to do this, no." Until she was able to get up and away from him.

I told her, "That's called rape."

And she said, "No, I went in the room knowing what was going to happen. And I sort of wanted to, but then I just changed my mind."

"Yeah... you can withdraw consent at any time, and they have to stop. Not that you can legally consent to sex while you are drunk anyway..."

"Oh, well, I definitely felt taken advantage of, but I think I'm not going to tell (baby-daddy), because he will get mad at me."

I don't know. Something about her telling me all of this made me realize how little we learned about the real world in my high school, and reminded me of why I resent that school.

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