I am a spinning planet in this sky and theres nothing you can do to take it away from me Because I can see the other stars nearby and well they're helping me see clearly I once thought that you could be my sun and I your trusty mars but no This star was only so bright to find for it's death that makes its brighter glow.

Sitting in the sunlight the sun's warm fingers caressing my skin making my soul seem to lift up out of my outstretched arms and soar into the pale blue of the vast expanse of the sky

My mind is clear, and my spirits are high as I fall into the great intricacy of myself examining the details of my life and in myself I find the strength to smile

The cool grass seems to cradle me in its softness as I remain there motionless letting my thoughts go with the slight breeze that ruffles it's way through my hair

I am content. I am happy. My life has come to this place completely randomly and now, I would have no other life I have accepted myself, in this moment of clarity.


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