I hate it when people tell me to tough it up, tough it out, etc. Fuck you, buddy. How do you know it doesn't take all of the toughing it out I've got to drag my ass out of bed and make it through the day? I run constantly on the edge of being overwhelmed. I _ can't handle anything extra. _ I really can't. And if anyone reading this thinks I like to throw pity parties, I can understand how it looks that way. So I'll just say I'm touching on a small percent of the things going on. I'd rather be on here bragging on how tough I am, how well I handle things, how I juggle this and that and this and that. (On the other hand, I do feel a small amount of pity towards myself, but I don't begrudge myself of it, because it's not much compared to that I feel for other people, even if I don't want to)


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