It started, at least for me, with a startlingly loud SLAM! (That woke me up you see.) Then there was the inarticulate shouting, and the painfully articulate screaming, followed by more shouting, and sobbing, and a succession of such slams and thumps that I'm still not sure what exactly she was kicking to hold up so long against her fury. I hate hearing her so upset and so terribly angry. I hate, for her sake, that she gets into such a towering rage about what usually turns out to be fairly minor things. I know from experience that I am not the person to defuse her when she gets like this. But mostly, I'm just glad that we've never had such arguments, that her rage puts my little put-out face yesterday into stark perspective. It's all gone quiet again. I hope she gets some sleep and it all looks better in the morning...


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