I had heard of the phenomenon before, but now I'm beginning to experience it....

as soon as you're no longer in the market, THAT is when the ladies come running.

I hear it usually in regards to a guy who's taken suddenly getting offers, but in my case it seems to be when I finally reached a degree of peace with my perpetual single-ness, deciding that if I couldn't handle being a beggar, I'd switch to chooser.

I suppose that makes sense, as now I don't look desperate, so my good qualities can shine through.

And I'm certainly reaping the benefits I suppose.

It's just... that's still hardly fair =P

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I have found the same thing. The minute that I was happy with my life, happy just hanging out with my two best friends, not looking to be with someone, was the minute that someone told me they were interested. It's ironic in a way.

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