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Why are you making me happy with just your presence? It doesn't take much but when we hang out, I don't need to talk, or even do anything activities. I can just enjoy the space we inhabit. We can talk about anything, do anything, be anything. You're helping me find and discover myself in ways I didn't expect. So thank you for that. Thank you for showing me a part of myself that I shunned for so long... and thank you for being you.

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The three of us stood, watching the show. One of them stood behind me, his arm around my waist, holding my hand in his. I placed my hand on the back of the one who stood just in front of me, and together we all enjoyed this experience.

At some point, I stopped feeling guilty for being so happy. I love these men so much, and I can tell how much they love me.

I'm afraid of when the other shoe drops. All relationships go through highs and lows, and I recognize this is a high point. There is never a promise of tomorrow, either in a relationship or otherwise, and I take these moments of bliss and I place them inside my mental shoebox so I can pull them out when the lows hit, or when I get scared. I reflexively temper this happiness with a big spoonful of "it will not last, do not get comfortable". Maybe that's cynical. But for now? I'm so, so happy...and grateful

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I am happy. I could try to break that down and examine why it is I feel so generally content and serene right now but fuck it, I am happy and I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

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Black and glowing with the mid-day sun, it looks so inviting. I softly glide my fingers over the cold, smooth keys. I let the beautiful melody take me away as I close my eyes and sway with the rhythm. I am happy being lost in music.

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I'm too happy to be interesting right now. I can't really work on my musical or any unrelated songs unless I have some sort of inner pain. Not that I'm complaining! I just don't need to be writing spiritually inane material. I did get the blues pretty bad last night though! My friend/the partial source of them called and I played her a righteous guitar solo. Basically I rocked her world? Hodie, cras.

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He makes me so incredibly happy. Last night when he came back I realized exactly how much I had missed him. God, I'm not going to say that I'm in love with him, but I am so happy right now.

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She always makes the pain go away. Even when she's its cause, she makes it go away. She is a wonderful human being.

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She and she and I. I don't think people like us are supposed to be happy. I think we have to change either what happy means or we need to change who we are, ever so subtly. Nothing has to be perfect, and nothing ever will be perfect unless we perceive things differently than we do now. It's no one's fault but our own.

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I don't know if I'm happy. It's really a weird situation. The "standard girl shit" has been over for a couple of days. I ended up deciding that I am happy enough being my friend's friend, and not her boyfriend. I guess I need to find myself. I mean, I say that about every other month, but it still needs to happen. I used to try to plan out everything that would happen between her and me. Obviously it didn't go that way, which always threw me off for some reason. I am a lot happier just letting it happen how it will.

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Someone once asked me,

"How can you be so happy all the time?"

Honey, it's called being manic.

Tonight I'll go home and cry.

I wish I could have told him that.

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For the first time in a while I feel really happy. This probablly means my life is going to hell within the next few months. Or either this is making up for the last couple of months being so shitty. Either way I'm enjoying it.

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I never try to be happy anymore. I used to long to be happy, to be joyful, but then I realized, every time that I was happy, I was so sad jsut after fact.

Happiness is an illusion

Happiness allows you to reach to far and the get hurt

I prefer to exist in a state of contentment. Not just because it's more safe, but also because it holds a greater appeal in general. Happiness builds you up so high, convinces you that your wings are infallable then you falter, something happens, and you crash.

For anyone with any sort of mental unrest, it's awkward. Depression is more frequent than those few glimpses of happiness. Happiness for a long time was the bit of sun between the clouds. Then, suddenly, ti occurred to me, there are clouds in even the most beautiful skies. It all depends on how you look at it.

Now I exist in the night sky, clouds and moonlight and stars all around. It is all preception.

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I harbor similar beliefs on happiness. For me contentedness is the natural state and happiness is a level above that. For me, I usually am only aware of such a state once i've already passed it into "overjoyed". You can't be happy all the time because it has to be seen from the viewpoint of contentedness - if you didn't know what your content state was how would you know when you're above it and thus happy? The only exception I suppose was if your life used to be awful but now is much better you can say you are much happier than you were before - but i'd still argue that you've just in fact shifted your content state up a few octaves. Happiness is an impermenant positive deviation from the base state of contentedness.

My mom was concerned when I said this, that I didn't believe happiness was normal, but that I was content. Later, my friend gave me my favorite band's album 3 months before it was officially released thanks to connections in the record biz and I was so overjoyed I was littlerally running around the house boucing off walls shrieking with joy, and when I did this in her vicinity I added "THIS IS ME HAPPY. THIS IS WHY I AM NOT HAPPY ALL THE TIME BECAUSE IF I WAS THIS HAPPY ALL THE TIME YOU'D HAVE TO SHOOT ME" Technically, that was being overjoyed more so than happy but eh. I made my point enough above.

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