I wonder how much longer we have until the stock market slides so much that people really start to freak and withdraw their money as well as try and move out into the country, away from the cities that may draw them under. I've heard people theorize about the end of the world as a cause of these things. I've heard theories that the gas prices are the cause of the problems in the market. ... . I think I'm just going to move back into my dorm this year and not worry about it. I'll get my job and avoid loans at all costs and hope I get a job when I graduate... that's all I can do.

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And recycle, which is an effort against one world ending scenario... or volunteer doing something that helps humanity just a tiny bit...

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I can't see the stock market ever causing the end of the world. Stocks have horribly fucked countries up before, but never apocallyptically so...

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