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sometimes i catch myself wondering if I can count a google street view tour as travel. Because then i could say i'd been all over the world instead of the relatively few places i have been. I also hate it when street view isn't available for an area. I get angry at google for not caring enough about all of the places I've heard of. If i know it exists google should have it covered.

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Sometimes I just long for traveling... I want nothing more than to jump into my vehicle and ride to the nearest train station/airport and then LEAVE. I don't know where I'd go to...but it would be some place NOT HERE. That's really the only stipulation at the moment. I know I'm about to move, but still. I've moved out this time every year for the past couple years. I think it's lost the magic. Although after this year, I won't be moving back. I refuse to put myself through this every again! It's just too depressing, I suppose. But, then again, I don't know what else I shall have to look forward to really. Work? Bills (more bills)? A lack of serious, close companions.

As I stood out over the edge, only the simple thought of security flooded my mind. It was only for the upcoming three months that I felt there would be no security. "What was I to do?" I thought, "Go back, and subject myself to the torturous life in the old world, or go to an unknown country, and forged my way?" Of course, the world would think me crazy not to take the adventure, but in that moment I asked myself, "What was keeping my here?" It was not love, it was simply, learning. Learning something that I could not if I were to travel. I am still on that edge, now I am sitting and waiting for a decision or the wind to pick me up and take me where I need to be. ~Alcor Mizar

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I understand the sentiment here and rather like the concept. I frequently feel this way, then I decide that I should move one way or another but never back the way I came.

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