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so work's organised a weekly lifedrawing session for us artists, and my goodness it's been a while since I've done any real drawing. especially of naked people, and even more so attractive naked people rather than the creepy wrinkly old woman we used to draw at uni. I love just admiring the models, studying the collection of curves and recurves that form them. it's not til you have to draw someone that you really study their body, and you see past the pot-belly and the floppy breasts and pudginess to the true beauty. the way light and shadows curve around the thigh, the sinuous curve of the spine, the elegance of where neck meets collarbone and flows into the shoulders, the tangled shining mass of hair, a ringlet spilling over the face, the curve and recurve where hip meets thigh, at the knee, along the arms and around the lips. unexpected straight lines on shoulders, a strong brow and dark eyes below, the oddly compelling complexity of hands and feet, fingers and toes, so difficult to reproduce on paper but so satisfying when you manage to capture the essence of it. I come away from the class feeling that two hours were more like ten minutes, covered in charcoal smudges, aching from my poor posture but so utterly refreshed.

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