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Last weekend I went to a concert.

Other than the music, one of my strongest memories of that concert will probably always be the man I dubbed "Creeper Boy."

Creeper boy introduced himself to me with a long rant about how I should never let a woman take advantage of me, shortly followed by the question, "Can I see your boobs?"


So he shoved his strawberry daiquiri in my face.

"No, thanks."

More drink shoving.

"I'm 19."

More agressive drink shoving.


And I nervously took a sip.



And he watched me, and sort of... moaned...

And then...

"Can I touch your boobs?"


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just got done watching Law and Order: SVU. The base for the show was this guy participated in an online rpg site. He took this girl from her home to "protect" her. He was found to have kidnapped her and was arrested.

23 years later, another girl with the same looking avatar as the original girl was kidnapped. Eventually, you find out he always wanted a young girl and said "They never grow old on a computer"

um...creepy much?

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I use to play online rpg games. omega creepy... ... ...

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Well yes, SVU seems to specialise in creepy sex offender stories. And paedophiles in online games are unfortunately common.

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And see this is why I'm always terrified when I meet people online, even when I've had nothing but great experiences. Thanks, SVU!

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yeah dude, i seriously wonder where the OMG INTERNET FREAKSHOWS are because i've never met anyone who has been anything less than what they said.

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