My stomach just made a very interesting noise. One that says "oh hi, you should put some food in me." I have barely eaten anything over the past couple days, because I have some cold/flu virus. So anyway, I just checked my blood sugar, it was 300.


There is a guy in my math class who comes in every day with an unnecessary amount of sugar; today, for example, he came in with two doughnuts and a 32 oz. Coke with no ice. Everyone always tells him he is gonna get diabetes. One of the rare times when I had a really good line in that class, someone said to him "you're gonna wake up with diabetes tomorrow!" and I immediately said "hey, let's be fair, one day I ate like fifty sugar cubes and I didn't get diabetes till three years later!" In all honesty though, type 2 isn't all that bad. If you watch what you eat, limit your carbs (sucks for a vegetarian such as myself), get the proper exercise, and, if necessary, take medication, it is easily controlled. If you have type 1 or are lazy, hungry and vegetarian, you don't even need to inject yourself with needles anymore, you can now use an inhalable form of insulin called Exubera (unless you smoke).


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