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I'm endeavoring to implement a regular workout regiment at one of the buildings on my college campus. I've tried doing it in areas where my semi-regular walks take me, like this morning when I walked past a high school and I hung upside down from this metal structure that was just sitting off to the wayside of a path I was on. Yes, I know I have a propensity to ramble a little, it's a habit that I question.

In any case, I have some fears. I want to start building up a runners' tolerance but every time I've tried to do it outside I get a stitch in my side and my energy quickly runs out. I fear never being able to build up the running stamina I want, so I'm going to try some solutions. For one thing, I'm going to try actually wearing a sports bra (who knows, maybe it won't be a pain in the ass like a wired bra is which is why I don't wear them). And secondly, I'm going to do this exercise at a building that is outfitted for this kind of recreational activity. Lastly, I plan to evaluate my diet and figure out why it's so easy for my limbs to get heavy after a short period of running.

Furthermore, it's good to try to get into a regular schedule because it's stability and predictability, two things which I need to have more of right now. I'm not sure what day of the week I'll be doing this on, but I think I can get that figured out during the course of this week.

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It should get easier if you stick with it religiously and always push yourself at least a little past what you're comfortable with without wrecking your body. If you're unsatisfied with how little you can do right now, then do what you can, but more frequently. Try pushing yourself, taking a rest, and doing it a second or third time before you call it a day. If you keep at it and get adequate food and sleep, you'll see gains.

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Alright, I will. A lot of it is trying to decipher if what I'm experiencing with my breathing is asthmatic (I had issues with that when I was really young) or if it's just something I need to get my heart and lungs used to over time. And yeah, I am unsatisfied because right now I feel like a complete weakling. But then again, I've built up tolerance for walking long distances over the course of several years now. I'd like to think I can make a difference with running at this point in my life. I've even started a food journal to make note of what I eat on average just to get an idea for what I need to adjust.

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I swam laps today, for the first time in about five years. Which was also the last time I did any sort of regular exercising. I don't know why I was surprised that I am this out-of-shape. But it's not like I have anywhere to be in the morning, so I think I'm gonna do this everyday.

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