Two young kids pulled in a fire
Arisen from alcohol's desire
Influenced by a toxic presence
A man lacking intelligence

In a flash the scene came and went
Turbulent energy still unspent
Destructive instincts kicking in
Damning all of those therein

A man is shot, bled to death
All struggled with bated breath
Unbridled chaos drawn from the sheath
Maddening currents running beneath

Many years ran through the mill
Time forever frozen still
Dread and sorrow still amass
Will the memory ever pass?

I sat on the third floor porch, my hair dripping wet and steaming from the hot shower I took a few minutes ago, until my body went numb and suddenly I remembered that if it got too cold it couldn’t snow. I wonder if that can happen to people. If they can became co cold could they stop loving? Could they stop feeling entirely? I think I’ll investigate this theory further. How easy life would be frozen.


  • Luna Kay
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