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Tonight I played hacky sack in the snow. It was the most marvelous thing.

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Today I was walking to the library, and I actually took time to notice what was around me. Normally, I'm just concerned about getting out of the cold. Anyway, what i noticed was the snow.

It was no longer the fresh stark white snow, but it wasn't the nasty black slush either. It was a nice in between color. It reminded me of cookies and creme ice creme. It even had little dark spots in it for cookies.

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so clean and pure...

i wish it would rain

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There's something so peaceful, so serene, so amazing...

The sound of snow falling.

Where there is no wind, just the elegant free fall of flakes from the frost ridden forever long firmament.

I wish I could sit in the yard, with but the moon lighting my scene, where I can listen to their sounds, to the howling of wind through their unique shape as the land on top of one another gracefully.

I love snow.

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I hate the snow and wish it would stop at least enough to let me dug out of it!! Although when it first falls that initial yay snow feeling still creeps up I blame this on school other than that I hate it. I really do and go out of my way to kill snow creations. Sorry I just had to share my loathing of snow.

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Old man, legacy of dreams unforgotten, fulfilled in spirit, mind, and body...he strokes the ring around his finger and wonders if she was right. As he watches the first soft flakes of winter fall upon the land where his children grew strong and flocked forth to carry life onward, he muses on the unknown; he guesses he'll find out soon, now. He smiles gently as he recalls their life together, from the first joys of friendship to the long period of dark which followed her poor struggling heart's failure, to this final awakening, of inexplicable joy at a journey coming to its end. Eyes closed now, he hugs himself tight, seeing his soul flowing outward, dispersing and blending with history...maybe some small part of him will touch her again. The smile is all that stays.

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there's so much snow! lol. and now that it's melting and refreezing...well i don't walk to well on a smooth, flat, clear path...i trip on my own feet. so woo hoo did i ice skate in my tennies today! :o)

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I love taking walks in the perfect snow... the heavy fall in silence as the woods that you walk through slowly pass around you. Your smiling at your friend that you're taking a walk with as the two of you discuss life and the happenings therein. That slow snowfall that kills you to think that it won't last for any long period of time before some gust of wind will ruin it. At least then you get to camp out in his arms.

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The snow just keeps falling, drifting, ending up in snow drifts to the waist or higher.

I want to run and jump into it.

I want to throw a snowball.

I want to have a snow fight.

But no one wants to join me, and it's no fun to play in the snow alone.

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