Ah, the joy of roommates. (Keep in mind we did not know each other before we moved in together). Both feel they are superior to the others in their need for showers and laundry. I stay out of it. So here I am - drowning in a sea of dirty clothes piles and smelling of armpits and grease hair.

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my showers are an intense experience. i wonder at those people who jump in-scrub-get out. clearly they are missing the point. the fun. take a moment and think about it.... i undress myself. slide out of my pajama bottoms, tug off my shirt. i reach behind my back and unclasp my bra, let my breasts swing free. i let my hair loose, feel the ends brush my back. i hook my fingers on my underwear, slip them over my hips and to the floor. i turn on the water. let it warm up and fill the room with steam. i test it on my hand, step in. i feel the thousands of hot drops hit my skin and slide down my body. my skin turns from pale cream to rosy pink. i brace my hands againt the wall and let the stream hit my sholders, erase my day. ease my musles. i soap up my loofa, the purple mesh filling with bubbles. i lather my arms, my chest, my stomach and down my legs. i watch the suds as they slowly slip down my body to the drain. my fingers and toes begin to wrinkle. i pour far to much shampoo in my hands. shampoo that smells like vanillia. i bend over and massage the shampoo into my scalp all the way to the ends of my hair. the shower fills with the scent of dessert. as the thick later rinses from my hair, down my back, i place one foot on the edge of the bath. the soap i apply makes my skin slippery. with long, easy strokes i shave each leg. then i squeeze conditioner into my palms, rub them together and run them through my hair. i turn down the heat and let cool water rise me clean. i wring out my hair, slide my hands over my body to shake loose the gently clinging drops of water. i step from the shower and wrap a large, soft towel around myself. i prop a foot high onto the counter a smooth vanillia lotion onto legs that are fading from pink back to their regualr cream color. i carefully brush powder onto my body, letting the giant brush i use to apply it dance across my skin. finally feeling fresh and ready for my day, i stop and spend a minute looking at myself in the mirror. i smile. what a wonderful way to start each day.

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I love showering and bathing because it is time that's completely mine. I can take as long as I like(before the hot water runs out anyway) lathering myself up in tasty-smelling soaps, rubbing equally delicious shampoo and conditioner into my hair and then rinsing it all off, running the hot water over every inch of skin and wiping away the soap. It makes me feel so nice, so sexy and smooth and wet and beautiful.

Then, eventually, I have to get out and stand shivering and dripping on the cold floor while I shave, then wrap myself in a towel that is hopefully warm from the radiator. The worst part about showering is the end!

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I know this is a little weird but I love the feeling when you just get out of the shower, and you haven't put on your clothes yet. I think it's that I like the feeling of being completely exposed. Every part of you is out in the open. Absolutely naked. It's kind of a turn-on.

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