Is anyone from Indiana trying to hang out next month? I know that's probably a bad idea since we are anonymous for anonymity's sake, but I am going to be stuck in Indianapolis and there is nothing to do in Indianapolis.

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Nothing to do in Indianapolis?!

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Dude come to Cambridge, we've always got something going on!

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There's NEVER anything to do in Indianapolis! And I won't have a car :/

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That's silly. There is tons of stuff to do in Indy! What part of Indy will you be in?

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If you're interested in attending a sexy gothy BDSMy variety show nightclub night, there's one at TRU nightclub in Broad Ripple on Friday the 30th that friends and I are going to be performing in, if scheduling works out.

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Shit, _ interested in that. Sexy gothy whooseywhatsits? What's not to like? _

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Also, I lack a car, too, but if we can figure something out, I'm down.

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