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The upside to being ridiculously and hopelessly in love is that one short little conversation can make sitting at home on a Friday night doing homework suddenly worth the lameness.

The downside is still almost everything else, but whatever.

It had only been a week since last we spoke but damn, I had missed him.

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I haven't seen you since Friday, except as we pass each other on the way to one thing or another.

I really miss talking to you. Maybe we never saw each other during the week before, but now I feel your absence more deeply.

I see you with your other friends sometimes, but you're always busy. Most of the time when I see you, I wonder how what you told me can be true. It doesn't seem real. It seems like I'm the last one you would want, with all of your other really close friends....

I really want to ask you to hang out, but I'm afraid for some reason. I can't even explain why. Maybe I'm afraid of things being awkward between us, and that is the absolute LAST thing I want.

I just wish I knew what was going on...

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I get to see him Friday. That makes me happy.

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