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It's amazing how well-lit the streets are tonight. Like I can see the haze that is the spirit world; a fog of light, illuminating everything. Fuck the poetry, it just struck me.

gone is the darkness and up comes the sun, i bid you good night -- off to bed i must run!

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oh sweet, unhappy night that touches the creases of your face and leaves there dirty fingerprints

the lingering afternoon trembles on my lips and in your veins a rueful lover's surrender to twilight

together we lay, entwined and gift each other with kisses willing summer's last breath

it flows through me, the daybreak but you are all reflections of the stars cold, even sleeping, pale and naked as the moon

there is no why, only how and the light's last moments leave me hopeful there will be no winter, this year.

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I think I'm probably predjudiced as a life long insomniac...and someone with a mild sun allergy, but I love nighttime.

I'm not much of one for clubs and big parties,not that type of night life. No I am talking about the stillness that one seems to visit the world very late at night. Where if your inside all you hear is blessed silence, and outside all you hear are crickets and frogs.

It took me a long time to be ok with silence again. I was essentially bedridden for two years. I only had human contact for a couple of hours a day. The silence seemed oppressive then, a reminder of how alone I was. I would sing to myself, or always have something in the background playing just to have something to listen to. And as soon as I got well enough to enter the real world again, I couldn't take silence I would blabber on with no other intention then filling up the empty space around me. I knew I was annoying people with the same old stories that no one else finds funny, but I couldn't stop myself. There are other issues why I feel the need to babble of course, but thats not what I'm writing about. A lot of times it feels like night is the only real time when I can just shut up and enjoy the silence.

For the past few years I have been going to college in an urban environment. I don't think I can express just how much I missed seeing the stars. Sometimes when everything has gone to shit all you need to do is take a look at the night sky, a reminder of the beauty that still exists in the world. Sometimes seeing something like a beautiful night sky is all you really need to soothe your soul. No matter how many times I have wished I could get a time machine and be whisked away to a time where I fit in better, looking at the stars is really as close as I will ever get to to time travel.

I like to be one who is awake to see the world sleeping, when everything looks calm and innocent.

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I know how you feel. I've lived on a farm my whole life then went to new york. It's strange how you can't see the stars even in the "darkness" of the city. When I'm at university I miss laying out on the hill and seeing all the natural twinkling lights.

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Lately the stars have come out around my house. I don't understand it, because they've never really been there before.

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