The question on everyone's mind is will I ever get over you? ubiquitous you... you are an ever present apparition in my heart...

I've been floating through doors haunting the hallways of buildings... I am surrounded by people, but my throat closes up, and I know I could pass through you, you would have nothing more than a cold chill.

I feel like the ghost long forgotten in photographs, long forgotten in fairy tales... something we know but it's not tangible. so why waste the time?

I am a fade of red, it leaves the faintest hint of green as a reminder that I was once there, and then it is gone. Will I ever find another soul to float with or will I be stuck with your ghost and a box full of old photographs?

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I'm in the same ghostly boat. It reminds me of an old old Everclear lyric. "I am still living with your ghost, lonely and dreaming of the West Coast." It fades, eventually. But it takes years.

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